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Billy Bright, a great friend and wonderful musician, lives very near by, and for several years we have been making music together in various formats (see Two High String Band - Hot Texas Burrito). Here we are playing in a duo format - just banjo and mandolin (I grew up musically on the sound of Doug Dillard's banjo and Dean Webb's mandolin in the Dillards - always loved that sound). We have put our heads together and come up with the 13 pieces recorded on Bright Munde - 10 original, 2 traditional, and 1 Bill Monroe number. It was a real creative boost for me to work with Billy. What was way cool is that he made my few original numbers make sense and really come to life. Hope you enjoy the banjo and mandolin music we made.

Geezer Ride * G * Sad Eyes * Old Yellow Rocking Chair * Like Sonny * Tumblin' * Methodist Preacher * Jaybird *
Hot Dog Dreams * Everybody Say Wow * Plurabelle * Red Fox in the Bush * Who Killed the Shanghai Rooster

Bright Munde CD
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Bright Munde Tab Book
Tab book of all banjo solos
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Dear Banjo Picker,

I began the mail order business many years ago but it has been dormant for the last several years. I have decided to get back into the business in a rather small way for now.

The business is truly of the cottage variety. Many of the tab items are self- produced without the aid of a computer, although some are published through Mel Bay and look right nice. I like to say of the self-produced tab, it's in my handwriting but you will learn to love it (that's my hope). Some of the CDs are self-produced (quality, studio produced bluegrass). As I progress and get more time, I will upgrade and blast into the 1990s and get better at computer programs. Until then I hope you find some things that will bring you joy both as a listener and a student of the banjo.

ALAN MUNDE DOWNLOADABLE BANJO TABS! – Now you can download select Alan Munde tabs ala carte! These first offerings are from the Country Gazette album "Strictly Instrumental." Pick and choose the tune you want or get the whole set at a discount. All downloads include Tab in pdf format and solo MP3.

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This is from a workshop I did in Paris a few years ago. The guitar player and singer is James Field who did just a wonderful job. I have gotten several requests for the tab to this performance and have made all four breaks available. .

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ARRANGING TUNES FOR SOLO BANJO Book and CD - Arranging Tunes for Solo Banjo is designed to help players develop a solid understanding of arranging fundamentals for five-string solo banjo. In particular, this book takes an in-depth look at chord melody playing. Examples include popular melodies from the American song book in the keys of C, G and D. The book presents tools and techniques to help you create beautiful and intricate arrangements, with lessons on diatonic chords, altered chords, cycling techniques, and rhythmic variations. This introduction to arranging for the banjo will expand your knowledge of this instrument and its capabilities. Great for creating solos to slow songs or backup for slow songs.  The book comes with accompanying audio

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