Here on the Pautexent label is my new recording of 13 of my new originals and 2 from the great songwriter, tunesmith Elliott Rogers.  This recording features 21 of my wonderful  musical friends with special hugs from the mandolin world.

Mandolin – Billy Bright, Don Stiernberg, Sam Bush, Ron Pennington, Jayson Chapman, Emory Lester, Kym Warner, Paul Glasse, Noah Jeffries, Steve Smith; Guitar – Elliott Rogers, Bo Brown, Randy McSpadden; Steel Guitar – Lloyd Maines; Bass – Dom Fisher, Kitty Ledbetter, Bruno Avitia;  Accordion – Josh Baca; Drums – Pat Manske; Fiddle – Dennis Ludiker, Eric Hokkenan.

“Longfellow’s Excelsior Hornpipe,” “Lloyd’s of Lubbock,” “Blue Hole Stroll,”  Miss Kitty’s Hornpipe,” “Hymn for Slim,” “Byron’s Buddies,” “Holler Up a Possum,” “Stay With Me Waltz,” “Bo Knows,” “Five Fall Down,” “Birthday Waltz,” “The Ten Cent Breakfast,” “Rodrigo and Johnson,” “Rabbits in a Watermelon Patch,” and “Untitled Waltz.”

Alan Munde, Excelsior CD
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Excelsior – Tab Book
Tab book of all Alan Munde banjo solos from this album
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The latest project from mandolin player Billy Bright and banjo player Alan Munde, Ex Mi Suerte, showcases instrumental mastery of all styles of acoustic roots music.  Eight of the ten songs are originals, capturing the spirit of traditional and progressive bluegrass, 1950s folk, Texas waltzes, a blend of “Tex-Mex-Cajun” and a tinge of country gospel.  Bright and Munde are joined this time around by Billy’s bandmates of Austin’s terrific, Wood and Wire, musicians who also know their way around acoustic roots music. “Jenny’s Desire,” Wild Heron,” Moms’ Waltz,” “Oklahoma Bound,” “Es Mi Suerte,” “Dapple Patti,” “Munde Night Waltz,” “By the Side of the Road,” Going Bodmin,” and “Goodnight Irene.”

Alan Munde and Billy Bright – Es Mi Suerte CD
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Es Mi Suerte – Tab Book
Tab book of all Alan Munde banjo solos from this album
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The New Kentucky Colonels Live in Sweden 1973THE NEW KENTUCKY COLONELS

This CD contains all 26 songs performed by The New Kentucky Colonels at the Mosebacke club, Stockholm, Sweden on May 28 and 29, 1973. They have been re-engineered from the original recordings by Ben Surratt and re-mastered by Alex McCullough. Fourteen songs from these performances were previously released on the 1976 Rounder LP 0073.

When I joined Roland, Clarence, and Eric to play banjo on the European tour that produced these recordings, it was like being sucked up into a cosmic rhythm whirlwind. As I played there was no place to play other than get with them and hang on. Their playing was beyond the oft-cited sense of brothers or family connectivity – as I say, cosmic. They created a harmonic and rhythmical environment, a context, that made a new and wonderful sense of the music. It seemed to me my normal bluegrass banjo offerings were transformed into hyper-important moments in the music. They had that wonderful, too rare ability to make those around them not just sound better, but maybe sound and play the best they ever had. I think that was the case for me. It was quite something and is abundantly evident to me as I listen to the music. It was and is my honor to be a part of it all. When someone mentions that they really love these recordings, I internally use it as a marker that this person and I may share some understanding of how music can be. “Fire on the Mountain,” “Never Ending Love,” “Take a Wiff on Me,” “Alabama Jubilee,” “I Know What It Means to Be Lonesome,” “Shenandoah Valley Breakdown,” “Blackberry Blossom,” “Blue and Lonesome,” “Good Woman’s Love,” “Dueling Banjos,” “Soldier’s Joy,” and many, many more.

The New Kentucky Colonels: Live in Sweden 1973 CD
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Festival Favorites RevisitedALAN MUNDE, FESTIVAL FAVORITES, REVISITED TAB BOOK – Several years ago I recorded a series of albums for Ridge Runner called Festival Favorites. Rounder Records released a compilation of the best of those recordings. This is the tab book of all the banjo solos from that CD. Includes, “Salt Creek,” “Cripple Creek,” “Clinch Mountain Backstep,” “Doug’s Tune,” “Shenandoah Valley Breakdown,” “Dusty Miller,” “Little Rock Getaway,” “Sally Goodin’,” 20 tunes in all.

Hot Burrito Breakdown • Molly Bloom • Clinch Mountain Backstep • Doug’s Tune • Shenandoah Valley Breakdown • Santa Claus • Buffalo Gals (Texcohomanewmexiline Gals) • Liberty • John Hardy • Salt Creek • Sally Goodin’ • The Girl I Left Behind Me • Bill Cheatem • Cripple Creek • Devil’s Dream • Little Rock Getaway • Dusty Miller • No Title Yet Blues • Earl’s Breakdown • Billy Boy

Festival Favorites Revisited Tab Book
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Festival Favorites Revisited CD
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Alan Munde & Billy Bright

Billy Bright, a great friend and wonderful musician, lives very near by, and for several years we have been making music together in various formats (see Two High String Band – Hot Texas Burrito). Here we are playing in a duo format – just banjo and mandolin (I grew up musically on the sound of Doug Dillard’s banjo and Dean Webb’s mandolin in the Dillards – always loved that sound). We have put our heads together and come up with the 13 pieces recorded on Bright Munde – 10 original, 2 traditional, and 1 Bill Monroe number. It was a real creative boost for me to work with Billy. What was way cool is that he made my few original numbers make sense and really come to life. Hope you enjoy the banjo and mandolin music we made.

Geezer Ride * G * Sad Eyes * Old Yellow Rocking Chair * Like Sonny * Tumblin’ * Methodist Preacher * Jaybird * Hot Dog Dreams * Everybody Say Wow * Plurabelle * Red Fox in the Bush * Who Killed the Shanghai Rooster

Bright Munde Tab Book
Tab book of all banjo solos
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Bright Munde CD
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BETH MEAD – BIG BANDJO SWING CD – This is a super CD of reallyKeep On Pushinggreat big band and pop tunes of the 1910 –1926 era done up with tasty banjo arrangements by the super-talented Beth Mead.  If you are looking for a CD of bluegrass style picking that bluegrassers and non-bluegrassers alike could enjoy, this is it.  Different and enjoyable!  Plus, the hot guitar solos and guitar rhythm is provided by me – I love the guitar and it is my great hobby.

Five Foot Two * Moonlight Bay/By the Light of the Silvery Moon * Whispering * Let the Rest of the World Go By * Baby Face * My Dreams are Getting Better All the Time * Heart of My Heart * If you Knew Susie * Someday You’ll Want Me to Want You * Sweet Georgia Brown * Margie * Don’t Fence Me In * The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise * Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland * Yes Sir, That’s My Baby

Big Bandjo Swing CD
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The Banjo Kid Picks AgainTHE BANJO KID PICKS AGAIN TAB BOOK & CD – This fine recording features Sam Bush, Jerry Douglass, Joe Carr, Roland White, Mike Anderson, and Slim Richey.  It was recorded in Nashville in 1980 and has several of my originals including one of my most popular tunes “Peaches and Cream.”  There is great ensemble playing on all the cuts.   The tab book includes all my banjo solos.

Peaches and Cream • Meloon’s Tune • Remington Ride • How High the Moon • The Earl of Broadfield • Hard Times • Earlsboro Quickstep • Marie • Walkin’ Around Medley (Arkansas Trveler, Fisher’s Hornpipe, Herman Gibbes Hornpipe) • Farewell Blues • Sabrosa

The Banjo Kid Picks Again Tab Book & CD
Tab book of all banjo solos from this album
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Alan Munde GazetteALAN MUNDE GAZETTE TAB BOOK – This self-titled album is my latest group effort and one that I am very, very, very proud of. It features the fine talents of Phill Elliott on vocals and guitar, Bill Honker on vocals and bass, and Glenn Mitchell on vocals and mandolin. It features some of my best group work on “Hamilton County Breakdown” – I am especially proud of this as I have been trying many years to get a really good arrangement of this; “Misty Morning Amble” – a very nice original of mine in B minor; “This Morning at Nine” – a tribute to my mentor Eddie Shelton; “Don’t Think Twice” – a real showpiece for vocalist Phill Elliott. There are 13 songs in all and each one a gem.

This Morning at Nine • Don’t Think Twice • Hamilton County Breakdown • My Kentucky Dream • Deep Elm Blues • Daybreak in Dixie • Softly and Tenderly • Alberta Bound • Darcy Farrow • Misty Morning Amble • Put It Off Until Tomorrow • Home Again • It’s Never Too Late • Never Ending Love

Alan Munde Gazette Tab Book
Tab book of all banjo solos from this album
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Alan Munde Gazette CD
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Banjo SandwichBANJO SANDWICH TAB BOOK – Tab book of all banjo solos from this best selling CD. This is the album that really kicked my career into gear. Originally released in 1976 it became a big seller for me. It is now available in CD format. “Dear Old Dixie,” “Darcy Farrow,” “Sally Johnson,” “Sleepy Eyed John,” and many more.

Whisperin’ George • Dear Old Dixie • Blackberry Blossom • Darcy Farrow • Durang’s Hornpipe • Banjo Boy Chimes • Sally Johnson • Sleepy Eyed John • Blue Ridge Express • Sail Away Ladies • Doc’s Riverboat Reel • Beat the Heat • Remember Me

Banjo Sandwich Tab Book
Tab book of all banjo solos from this album
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Banjo Sandwich CD
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Hello OperatorCOUNTRY GAZETTE, HELLO OPERATOR, THIS IS COUNTRY GAZETTE CD – A wonderful compilation of songs from our Flying Fish albums. Includes: “The Great Joe Bob,” “Uncle Clooney Played the Banjo,” “Done Gone,” “Cherokee Shuffle,” “The Virginia Boys,” “Molly and Tenbrooks,” “Sweet Allis Chalmers.” 21 great cuts in all. $15

Saro Jane • The Virginia Boys • Love, Lost and Found • Don’t Let Nobody Tie You Down • Sweet Allis Chalmers • You Can’t Get the Hell Out of Texas • Charlotte Breakdown • The Great Joe Bob (A Regional Tragedy) • Still Feeling Blue • Uncle Clooney Played the Banjo (But Mostly Out of Time) • Molly and Tenbrooks • Kentucky Waltz • Blue Light • Tallahassee • Highland Dream • Last Thing on My Mind • Hello Operator • The Great American Banjo Tune • Nothing is Left But the Blues • Cabin on a Mountain • Done Gone

Hello Operator CD

DAPPLE PATTI CD – Adam Granger and I have been playing dates together for many years. Dapple Patti is a live recording from 2011 concerts of ours in Minneapolis, Mn. and Madison, Wi. I really love playing music with Adam and the duo format gives me plenty of opportunity to stretch out and play in ways that are somewhat new to me. I love all 17 cuts and the feel of the recording. Hope you do too.

Sleepy Eyed John • Traditional Family Breakdown • Coyote Hangin’ on a Barbed Wire Fence • Dapple Patti • Sermonette • What a Friend We Have in Jesus/ Softly and Tenderly • John Hardy • Mother Earth • I’m Not Sure I Want to Dance Much Anymore • House of the Rising Sun • Festival Favorites Medley: Shenandoah Valley Breakdown/ Sally Goodin/ Buffalo Gals/ Bill Cheatham/ Devil’s Dream/ Cripple Creek • Hard Times • Trail of the Red Fox • Old Man River • Molly Bloom • Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms • Sabrosa

Dapple Patti CD
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Made To LastALAN MUNDE, IN THE TRADITION Book/CD – My favorite of my Ridge Runner recordings is In the Tradition.  It feels especially good to me even after all these years.  It features the late and really great Dobro man, Gene Wooten.  Five by Two is a very fine two-banjo piece written by and featuring Bill Evans.  Joining in on much of the music are Billy Joe Foster on bass and fiddle, Roland White on mandolin and guitar, a special guest appearance of Craig Fletcher on mandolin, and Joe Carr on guitar and mandolin.

Leather Britches • Sockeye • Five by Two • Release Me/Danny Boy •Sugarfoot Rag • Train to Mexico * Hanks’ Lonesome Cow Dog Blues• Tennessee Wagoner * Munde’s Child • Old Pecan Street • Paddy on the Turnpike • Tennessee Breakdown • Smith’s Reel (the tab book does not include Five by Two and Old Pecan Street)

Alan Munde, In the Tradition Book/CD
CD of album plus tab book of banjo solos
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Blue Ridge ExpressALAN MUNDE, BLUE RIDGE EXPRESS TAB BOOK – All banjo solos from the compilation CD of the same name.

Blue Ridge Express • Peaches and Cream • Leather Britches • Remington Ride • Darcy Farrow • Tennessee Wagoner • Dear Old Dixie • Meloon’s Tune • Paddy on the Turnpike • The Earl of Broadfield • Sail Away Ladies • Munde’s Child • Sleepy Eyed John • I Don’t Love Nobody • Train To Mexico • Sally Johnson (misstated, should be Durang’s Hornpipe) • Hank’s Lonesome Cowdog Blues • Doc’s Riverboat Reel • Sabrosa • Sockeye

Blue Ridge Express Tab Book
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Blue Ridge Express CD
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