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WHEEL HOSS TAB AND MP3 – A staple of the Bill Monroe fiddle tradition, it also make a great banjo tune.  My version here from Festival Favorites, the Southwest Sessions, features twin banjos – I played them both. A trick I learned from Vic Jordon who, I think, learned it from Bobby Thompson, is this – when the lead banjo is in open G, the harmony banjo tunes to a D tuning (F# D F# A D) and capoes at the fifth fret (fifth string tenth fret).  This maneuver harmonizes each string as a third  –  built in harmony.  Sometimes, not always, the licks come out with the right hand and left hand fingering being the same, other times similar, many times totally different. It all has to be worked out of course.  One more detail, rather than retuning the fifth string, I just capoed it at the 9th fret to sound a B note.  It effects the fifth string fingering, so take note.  The lead and harmony parts are included in the tab.

Wheel Hoss Tab and MP3
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